blueberryBlueberries are tasty and good for you. If you need a hedge or shrub border blueberry bushes are a great choice as they not only provide tasty fruit, but they are also very nice looking shrubs. So, when do you plant blueberry bushes? In the south, the best time to plant any trees or shrubs is late fall into late winter, so the plants can benefit from the winter rainfall and become somewhat established before our blazing summer arrives.

There are two main types of blueberries that are planted, the highbush blueberry (northern highbush & southern highbush) and the rabbiteye blueberry. The highbush blueberries generally require more winter chill hours than the rabbiteye blueberries (the exception being the newer southern highbush varieties.) Because of this highbush blueberries would not be recommended for areas in the lower south. The rabbiteye blueberry is native to the south and because of this is better able to handle heat and drought. Rabbiteye blueberries also have few pest problems.

Plant your blueberry bushes in full sun in well drained acidic soil. Blueberries like the same soil conditions as azaleas. Keep the soil moist especially on newly planted bushes, as blueberries are shallow rooted.

The most important thing to know about blueberries is the need for cross pollination. You need to be sure you plant more than one variety to be sure you have the cross pollination needed for good fruit production. Different varieties of blueberries produce berries at different times. Choosing several varieties will allow you to have fresh blueberries over a longer period of time.

If you need blueberry bushes to plant you can find highbush blueberries here and rabbiteye blueberries here from eBay. Many nurseries including small mom and pop types offer their plants for sale on eBay. I have bought many wonderful plants through them.

When do you plant blueberry bushes? Now! Get those blueberry bushes planted and before long you will be enjoying delicious blueberries.