Turn on any gardening show on television and in 30 minutes garden gurus transform a pitiful patio into an outdoor oasis. If only it was that simple.

Busy homeowners and beginning gardeners are left asking, “What do I do? What plant, what place?” Now there is a creative solution that truly takes the mystery out of container gardening.

Inspired by the great artists of our time with the simplicity of a child’s paint-by-number set, Plant by Number Container Combinations by Simply Beautiful will free the inner garden artist in everyone.”

Whether your garden space is tropical, prairie or somewhere in between, the Plant by Number Website at www.PlantByNumber.com has a tried and tested combination. Each “painting” is accompanied by a simple diagram showing plant placement and container size; designs are available for sun or shade, even partial shade. Guesswork is eliminated with clear details for each design, along with “Garden Painter’s Pointers” offering specific instructions for plant care. Because each combination features easy-care, top-performing Simply Beautiful plant varieties, gardeners can be confident that their “works of art” will provide enjoyment and lasting color all season.

Just take a look at the Georgia O’Keefe container combo. Its blooms come to life with the bold shape of Luna Red Hibiscus surrounded by Easy Wave White Petunias and Purple Lady Iresine. Just three varieties in an 18-inch container make a masterpiece! Flip the hibiscus to Luna Blush with Easy Wave Misty Lilac Petunias for a different look with the same impact. This heat-loving combination will tolerate higher humidity levels as well.

Unpredictable genius was behind Van Gogh’s subtle and deliberate brushstrokes. Such sunny tones are unexpected in a shade planting, echoing Van Gogh’s use of golden tones in happier times. Fill a window box with Wizard Golden Coleus, both Jungle Gold and Tango Impatiens, then temper with the cool tones of Super Elfin Blue Impatiens and Silver Falls Dichondra. These shimmering blooms will really light up the shadows.

Rose-colored glasses aren’t needed to see a plant palette reminiscent of Renoir’s sparkling light and color. At first glimpse it’s a shade lover with hydrangea and coleus, but it’s really an imaginative pairing of sun-loving Fantasia Neon Rose Geranium and Magilla Perilla woven through Angel Mist Light Pink Angelonia, Wink Pink Improved Diascia with Ballerina Rose Gaura.

When it comes to containers, creativity counts. Plant by Number Combinations can be easily adapted to old pails, tubs and troughs. Larger containers won’t dry out as quickly. The use of a soil moistening agent can be useful in certain situations.

These plant pairings could be repeated to fill garden beds, where dangling plants can double as ground covers. More experienced gardeners might use them as a leaping off point for more daring designs.